Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country located in Central Europe. It covers an area of 312,679 square kilometers (120,726 sq mi), and has a largely temperate climate. Poland is sixth most populous member state in EU. It’s capital city is Warsaw.

Facts about Poland                                                                  

Country: Poland: Officially Republic of Poland

Area: 312696 sq. km                     

Climate: Temperate

Population: 38.5 million

Capital: Warsaw

Six biggest cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, and Lodz.

Official language: polish

GDP: $615.021 billion (21st)

Per capita income: $16200

HDI: 0.909 very high 21st rank as per 1st April 2018

Currency: PLN

Calling code: +48

Literacy rate: 99 %


There are approximately 457 universities and collegiate-level institutions of Higher education in Poland, including 131 government-funded and 326 privately owned universities as per Wikipedia.

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