Visa interview is the last process for getting your visa. For the visa of most of the country, you need to face an interview with the visa officer. We, Predict Education, provide you enough materials and guidelines for the visa success. We will provide you with all the necessary documents and tips that are important for the visa interview as your visa is highly dependable on your interview. 

Some Tips For Visa Interview:

  1. First and foremost thing you need to know is that a visa interview is also as normal as any other. So you need not be nervous about this.
  2. You need to gather all documents and you must be well known about all of those documents like what is that document and why is it important.
  3. Always get well prepared about the place and university that you are going to apply for. And you must practice all those in English as English is the medium of interview.
  4. As the visa interview will finish in less than half an hour, you always need to manage your time to answer each and every question. Try to speak concisely but with important points. 
  5. Before giving any answer, firstly you need to listen to the complete question. First listen and then only speak. And never try to speak in the middle whenever visa officer is speaking
  6. Always be determined and responsible while answering each and every question. Be calm and respond wisely.
  7. Always answer in such a way that it makes the visa officer convinced that you will return back to your home after completion of study and gaining international experience.

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