Once you get the visa, the task will not get finished. Only getting a visa is not enough, you need to settle a lot of things after getting your visa done. It is needed to arrange for the airport pick up and accommodation.  We, Predict Education, will arrange everything for your service and provide you final departure orientation. 

Pre-departure briefings include informing students about the difficulties that can be seen by students like language and culture barriers. They are informed about the required appropriate behavior and that they need to maintain. We also advise the students regarding the medical and emergency protocol that they need to follow. You will be briefed about the location of basic utilities, book stores, and safe entertainment venues around the campus. We also inform students about essential banking details and calling cards which they will need on an immediate basis.

In that orientation we give you information regarding the accommodation and airport pickup. Also we provide you the details on documents that you need to keep with you during your flight. Also will tell you what should be done after reaching there.

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