Whenever you fit the eligibility, you need to start for the admission and visa processing. Here are the one by one processing steps to be followed by an applicant while processing for the visa.

  1. Selection Of  Country, University And Course As Per Credential

As per the requirement of university, you can select the country and university. Basically the institution goes for your Academic Profile, English and Educational Gap but you need to analyse the main 3 aspect while selecting the country and university.

  • Academic profile
  • English
  • Financial status of your family

If you have strong credentials then you can apply in almost all countries but if you lack the good results then few options will be there for you.

  1. Application Submission

After the selection of the country, institution and courses, documents should be sent to the university before the deadline as per the requirement. You need to send

  • Application Form of the university
  • Passport
  • All Academic Documents
  • English Test paper
  • And few universities requires CV, SOP and Recommendation Letters.
  1. Offer Letter and Invoice

After sending all those documents its time to get offer letter and invoice. In some university, one can get a direct offer letter and invoice within 24 hours after submission of required documents. But few universities  may take 2-15 working days to issue those documents after successful Skype interview or Motivational video with you.

  1. Making Documents Ready For Visa

Getting offer letter is opening way for the further process. After receiving the documents, all you need to do is make all the documents ready for the visa lodgment as per the checklist provided to you by the Embassy sites. Always be sure to make all the documents genuine as the fake documents may lead to you for visa denial. The need of documents varies as per the country. So you need to go through the checklist provided by the Embassy of the related country.

  1. Transfer Of Tuition Fee 

In the same time you need to send the tuition fee to the university bank account as mentioned in the Offer Letter and Invoice. As per the rule of the university, student can either send the tuition fee in electronic form i.e. Swift transfer or Can make Demand Draft.(In demand draft the amount is frozen in the bank account of the sender till the university receives the original bank draft which is sent after the visa only.

  1. Issue Of Invitation Letter/ Visa Letter

After sending the tuition fee, the university will issue the Invitation Letter and Letter of Accommodation within a week and courier them to you as original documents if it is needed to be submitted.

  1. Interview  Or Document Submission For Visa

When all the documents are ready, you need to book appointment date to submit the documents to either VFS or Embassy. After that for the mentioned period you need to be in the Embassy or VFS with all the documents as per the checklist . Students need to pay a charge of document submission that differs as per the country and they may need to face interview over there also.

  1. Visa Decision

After certain days of documents submission, you will get the notification of collection of visa decisions either from the Embassy or VFS. If your visa is Accepted you need to arrange your flight and proceed ahead but if Rejected either you need to  appeal the Embassy for Denial of Visa or Refund of the Tuition Fee. This may take 1 to 6 months as per the rule of the university.

  1. Arrangement Of Flight Ticket And Accommodation

After the positive response of the visa you need to arrange for the flight ticket. Then you need to send the details of the visa and flight ticket to the university so that they can arrange for the airport pickup and accommodation placement. WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

  1. Pre Departure Briefing

As everything is managed it’s time for final departure orientation for you. We will conduct a session where you will get all the information regarding your accommodation and airport pickup. Also we provide you the details on documents that you need to keep with you during your flight. Also we will tell you what should be done immediately after reaching there.

Documents you need to carry in your departure time

  • Original educational documents (for Bachelor students higher secondary certificate + mark sheet + apostles / Master students: bachelor`s degree + mark sheet +
    apostles and additionally higher secondary certificate with mark sheets but without apostles),
  • Photographs,
  • Offer letter, Invoice, Invitation Letter
  • Passport with visa,
  • NOC Copy,
  • Exchanged currency as per the rule of country
  • Flight Ticket with chop of exchanged currency
  1. Travel To Your Dreamland

When everything is managed it’s your flight time. Go ahead and chase your career.

And always remember only getting your visa is not enough. You need to submit the relatable documents to university and proceed ahead for id card and other documents.


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