Australian Education Minister had made great announcement for supporting the international student to get Australian job. They had made several changes for making good situation for the international students to overcome the problem due to COVID-19 and to make the Australia as competitive as like before among other country.

The changes are

  1. The government will re start the visa lodgment outside of Australia and when the border reopens student can fly with there as they had already got their visa.
  2. If international students were not able to complete their full study due to COVID 19, you can lodge your further visa and no need to pay visa fee in terms of that.
  3. Those international students who are studying online outside of Australia due to COVID 19, this course of study will also get counted towards the Australian study requirement for post study work visa.
  4. Graduates having study visa who are not able to be in Australia due to COVID 19, can apply for the post study work visa staying outside of Australia.
  5. Additional time will be given to students for providing English Language results where COVID 19 had affected access to theses service.


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