As the planning for abroad study is physically, emotionally and financially difficult decision for you and your family, you need to be very conscious while making your decision. You need to do various things before applying to any of the country.

  1. Firstly you need to select your study destination wisely. While selecting give more focus about choosing the university for you. Please make sure that the university and course are accredited or not and also the credit given to you after completion of your study is equivalent to your home country and other country or not. Also know about the education system and accredited bodies of different country.
  2. As you are going far away from your family for the study, please know detail about the living cost of the related country and the next years’ tuition fees of the related universities.
  3. As you going for the study, please get well known about the time and nature of part time job that you are allowed to do during your semesters and vacations. If possible get training of those related job fields in your home country.
  4. As you will be far from your known about, if possible try to stay among your relatives. If not then also please fine the nature and hospitality of the people as well as culture of the country. You may feel homesickness in that circumstance so you need to be prepared for that.
  5. Before applying in any country, visit the website of embassy where you will get detail info about the documents and procedure of applying. Also get detail info about the timing and procedure of Temporary resident card, work permit to do job (part time or full time) also know about the post study work after completion of the study.
  6. You need to get enough detail about the climate and whether condition of the country.

Please get known about the nearest Nepal Embassy and also several emergency contacts of your relatives or universities which will work whenever you get lost or you have problem

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