Being an international student is a great challenge for anyone. Initially you used to depend on your parents for each and every work but when you start to live as an international student, you will start to face several challenges in the new place. Here are a few challenges that any new international student will face in their new place of stay.


Home-sickness is a big challenge that an applicant might have to face when coming to any new country, unless you already have family here. Though you have your relatives and friends you will still have such feelings as you will miss your family. This is a very natural and common feeling, but you cannot stay like that by wishing things to change. Try to make new friends and enjoy with friends, and also make a habit of talking to your friends and family back home regularly.

2. Cultural barrier

The next challenge that you may feel as an international student is cultural difference. The things that you were doing in your home country may differ from the new country where you are shifting. So it will be very difficult for the students to adopt new environments and cultures. You need to always welcome nature to a new environment.

3. Language barrier

Though you are aware of English language, it will always create a language barrier initially. If you are moving to English speaking country like Australia, USA, UK, you may feel less of a problem but if you are moving to Germany, Poland, hungry where English is a second language you will surely feel the language barrier while speaking with native people.

4. Working while study

As in the new place you need to manage time for both study and work. Whenever someone thinks about studying abroad, most of the students think about studying as well as working. But initially you will feel a lot of problems managing time for both study and work.

5. Management of earning

Another main thing that you will face as an international student is management of money you have earned. Though you can earn a good amount of money which can handle your both study and living expenses, you will never know how and when you have spent your all earned money. So always make a record of your earning and expenditure details. And always try to reduce the over expenditure for more savings.

6. Difficult to adopt in new education system

Until your higher education you were following one method of practice, so after a change in the country, you will feel the change in the way of providing you a lecture. So for a few months you will not be able to cope up in the environment of new education.

7. Health Issues

As you are far and new to the place, because of the climate and new circumstance you may feel unhealthy. As no family will be there to take care of you, always keep yourself motivated and have a healthy diet.

8. Friend and roommates

In a new place you will get a new environment and new people. Also you may need to share your rooms with some new people unless you are moving with your friend. So always stay positive and be frank to all people. Make your attitude positive and then it will be easy to make good terms with new friends and especially your roommate.

9. Lost ways

In a new place it is obvious that there are chances of getting lost in your ways while going to market, university or roaming around. So always follow Google maps or take help of that friend who is known to the ways of that place. And always remember to carry some emergency contact number of your university or friend so that you could if you cannot find the way.

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