Things To Be Considered While Selecting An Abroad Destination For Further Study

As making the study abroad destination is one of the sensitive decisions that you need to make. While selecting the country, university and course you must think of several criteria. You need to consider following things while making the decision:

  • Selection of course

The major thing that you need to consider for your further study is selecting the courses of your interest. While selecting the course, you need to know about your interest as well as future outcome for you. It’s preferable to choose the course by yourself on the basis of your interest rather than following others. 

  • Selection of Place/Location

After that you need to think about the places where you want to pursue your further study in the course of your interest. Make a list of the places where you want to study and start checking the eligibility criteria of the university of those places to know whether you can apply or not. Also find out some networks like family or friends or relatives with whom you can share your homesickness as well as the trouble you feel in the country.

  • Go through your academic percentage and requirement of the university

All countries and all universities do not have the same kind of requirement. As per the country and university eligibility criteria differs. You need to go through your academic and requirement criteria of the university. After that only select the options that suit you. You can go through the international ranking of the university through different trusted websites like: 

  • Requirement of language certificate

We all know that most of the country has its own language. While applying for further study you must know about the language requirement of the country. As english is used as either the official or second language in most of the countries, they require english language certificate. If you can attain good points then you can proceed ahead otherwise choose any other option which doesn’t require english language test. 

  • Considering the cost of study

As you know about your family status you must think about the cost that occurred during the applying phase as well as during your study period. As it is said ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’ you must understand the financial situation of your family and select the best among the options.

  • Value of obtained degree in outside of the country

Before applying to any country or university, you need to know whether the university is affiliated or not and also the degree that you gain is accepted in Nepal as well as other countries. If you don’t consider these things after completion of course it may be an unvalued degree. This will be a waste of money, time as well as your effort.

  • Opportunities for your family and spouse

Moving abroad for further study is not moving alone for a few people. If you are married and willing to relocate to a new place with your family, you need to know the opportunities for your family members. Few countries do not provide the option of bringing your spouse with you. So if you need such a facility please go through the details and only apply.

  • Career Outcomes

Getting the degree is not enough. You must see the return of your study in future. You may have thought of several plans for your future. After getting the degree from that country will it be possible for you to gain success or not. You need to about the post study visa in the country, work options for you in the field of your graduation, salary for the position and future settlement facility for you and your family.

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