Interview is the most crucial part of getting the visa. You need to follow some rules while entering for the visa interview. Beside that here are some tips and tricks that you need to follow so that you can create positive impression and increase positivity for visa success.

  • Invest more time in research.
  • Be prepared and practice yourself before appearing in the interview.
  • Be truthful and confident. Never try to give false/fake information. Any false information may lead to visa refusal.
  • Always be positive and stick for your home country.
  • Talk with short and complete answers.
  • Always give appropriate answers.
  • Be respectful and maintain positive attitude.
  • Visit Visa application Centre or Embassy in smart dress way. As it is said first impression is last impression, make good impression in front of the visa officer.
  • Arrive in the Embassy earlier than your time to avoid skipping of schedule. And whenever you enter the embassy or application center be kind, gentle.
  • Always give loyal and fact answer.
  • Make and submit complete documents.
  • Don’t argue with visa officer. After entering in the room be polite with visa officer.

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