Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central Eastern and southeastern Europe.  It shares land borders with Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. It is being good study destination among the international students. The main reasons behind the choosing for further study are mentioned below:

1. Low Academics can apply

An individual with minimum academic percentage in higher secondary or three year diploma student can apply, there isn’t such percentage bar or any kind of demand of excellence academic qualification.  And also the students having gap up to 4 to 5 year can easily apply.

(You are eligible if you have low academic percentage you can easily apply for Bachelors degree in your interested subject)

2. Can get quality European degree in low cost

Tuition fee starts from 2000 E to 5000 E per year or in few universities more than that also. With this little tuition fee you can get the European international degree.  So it’s being in the demand of international students.

3. IELTS is not mandatory

IELTS or any kind of English language test is not needed to apply in Romania. English Recommendation Letter works if you lack IELTS. If you have knowledge of English i.e. if you can read and write English you can apply. But for few universities and courses you must have IELTS course.

4. PSW and PR option

After completion of course you will get 1 year Post Study Work Visa and after that you can either change your study visa into work or join further degrees.  After stay of 5 years in work visa you can apply for the PR.

5. Offer English Medium Study

Though the official language is Romanian the university offers few degrees in English Language for international students. So there won’t be any issues in getting the education and also most of the people speak English language.

6. Employment rate of Romania is high as compared to some European countries. So there is a lot of job opportunity for the national and international students over there. While you do your degree, hundreds of start-ups and small companies who would love to welcome you into their team.

7. The minimum wage rate of Romania is 466 Euro. With this income one can easily handle for the living expenses.

8. An individual can afford monthly expenditure by working around 20 hour per week. He/she can easily cover all the expenses like house rent, food, clothing, personal hygiene, transport etc with the earning of part time job as the living cost is very affordable.

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