Studying abroad is really a great opportunity for making a career. But as every coin has two sides it has some disadvantages also. Here are few advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.


  1. It helps in turning education into an adventure. Change is always good though it is change for further study it will add more adventure in your life while adjusting with the new circumstances.
  2. Studying abroad helps add a special plus point in your resume. Most of the MNC gives opportunities to those who have abroad study experiences. After this you will have better employment prospects. 
  3. Choosing study abroad helps you to meet several nationalities and you can learn some inspiration from their life. 
  4. As you will be in new circumstances, the mix of new cultures, traditions,  languages helps you to learn a lot about the new culture and traditions. 
  5. Abroad study helps in developing independence level. As much as you stay alone far from your home country,  it makes you more independent and responsible.
  6. Definitely as compared to Nepal other countries have advanced teaching and learning systems. You can learn new techniques if you seek education abroad.
  7. As focused on career, study abroad opens a lot of opportunities in a good pay ratio. Not only in the international market but also in your own hometown you will get good recognition. Also it opens ways to run your own business.
  8. During the course of study you can get opportunities of interacting with top successful people in the field of study. Top universities hire them to motivate you for the successful future ahead.
  9. Whenever you choose abroad for further study, you choose the option of meeting international friends. This increases a lot of networks among the cross cultural friends.
  10. Only education is not enough for making your career successful you must have personal traits too to accomplish your goal. And more than study you will get a chance to develop your personal skills. 
  11. Along with the study you will get a chance to work there also. Working In the international market helps in exploring the foreign countries working style and helps in adopting the foreign experience. 


  1. The cost of education in abroad is comparatively higher than that of studying in your  home country. While applying also you need to arrange a lot of money for getting admission as well as a visa.
  2. As you need to invest a lot for further study, your hopes and expectations also rise as per your investment. After completion of your study you will think or expect something more than getting graduation from your own country. 
  3. The next demerit is language barriers. As in abroad they give first priority to their own language then after English. So if you IELTS or you can communicate in English then also you may feel a barrier of language in the early phase of study.
  4. As you need to face different cultures, sometimes while learning or adopting new culture you may adopt some unethical things in your home country. So somewhat students should be very conscious of what is right and wrong for him. 
  5. As you will be abroad you will be far from the friends, family and relatives and makes you feel lonely and homesickness may affect you.
  6. In a new place you may face racism and harassment. In such a situation you need to be strong enough and try to avoid the things.
  7. The credit of some university may not be acceptable everywhere in the world. So before applying you must know about the credits given by the university whether it is acceptable worldwide or not.

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