Sydney is the capital city of the state of New South Wales and the most populous city of Australia. Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney frequently ranks in the top ten most livable cities in the world. Most of the students who are willing to study in Australia prefer Sydney for higher study. As everything has its own good and bad things. Same like that if you choose Sydney for higher study, you may face good and bad aspects of the place.

The amazing place to visit in Sydney are Art Gallery of NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art, going sightseeing  in the Harbour Bridge, Observatory Hill, Mrs Macquaries Point, having a cycling tour alone or in a group, monthly community festivals, discovering Sydney’s markets, a festival every quarter (the Sydney Festival, Art and About and Crave Festival). It is paradise for the sun and sand lover. Sydney is not only a financial and economic hub it is also a recreational center for the people because of the landscape. The educational institution of Sydney is world class. The education provided by the  educational institutes of the Sydney is top level education. Because of Sydney’s multicultural nature, overseas students get easily adapted in the new environment.

Pros of studying in Sydney 

  1. As the more people target for the urban area, there are a number of people belonging to different cultures and traditions and this helps in getting known about several cultures and traditions.  
  2. The people in Sydney are very friendly. So you will get the friendly locals. 
  3. The weather in Sydney is great. The best thing about Sydney is its weather. As preferred by asian students, it had a hot summer mild winter perfect for Asian students.
  4. You will get better career and job opportunities in Sydney than in other places of Australia.
  5. The place is so fascinating that there won’t be any kind of shortage of things to do and see.
  6. The food, coffee, restaurant and lifestyle of Sydney is so fantastic.
  7. It will not be difficult to get a job in Sydney as it is the main destination for multinational companies. It is said that around 50000 new jobs were created between 2010-2014.

Cons of Sydney:

  1. Sydney is one of the expensive places to stay in Australia. 
  2. The housing for students is pretty expensive.
  3. Sydney is the most busy place to stay. There you can find too much traffic. And it feels like you are breathing in exhaust fumes.
  4. You need to pay a lot of road tax. 
  5. The place is too crowded and you will get more number of people roaming around the place.

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