Australia’s grading system is different than that of ours. As in Nepal, D refers for Insufficient but if you get D in Australia don’t worry you have secured distinction. So every student must know about the grading system in Australia that differs as per the level before planning for the  abroad study in Australia.

For University Level (i.e. Bachelor and Masters):-

HD Higher Distinction 80% and above
D Distinction 70-79%
C Credit 60-69%
P Pass 50-59%
F Fail 49% and below

For Honors degree:-

H1 1st Class Honors 80% and above
H2A 2nd Class Honors (Div A) 75-79%
H2B 2nd Class Honors (Div B) 70-74%
H3 3rd Class Honors 65-69%
P Pass 50-64%
N Fail 49% and below

For Vocational Courses:-

There are only 2 grade i.e. Pass (Competent)/ Fail (Non Competent)

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