Australia, dream country for almost most of the international students, is making a lot of strategies to develop the country. The population of the country is not evenly distribute so to distribute the population evenly in all the places, Australian government has divided the places of Australia in 3 categories.

Category 1. Major Cities Area i.e. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Category 2: Major Regional Area like Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, New Castle, Wollongong, Geelong

Category 3: Other Regional Places

Regional area does not mean a village area. These places are given name of regional because of less number of people in the area. Most of the student prefers to stay in major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, so the students studying in these cities do not get any regional incentives.

Benefits of Studying in Regional Areas

  • First benefit of studying in the regional area is getting extra 5 points in PR. To encourage more people to study in regional area, government is giving them extra points, which will be added in their PR. five extra points in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s points test for skilled migration visa applications.
  • Another benefit is benefit of Post Study Visa. The students who complete their graduation from regional areas get 1 or 2 yrs extra PSW.
  • The living cost in regional area is comparatively less than that of the major cities.
  • As the number of people are less you can feel the peaceful environment.
  • Because of less people, in the regional area there can be seen the lack of labor so there is high wages rate for the international students.


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