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SLC passed students cannot apply to Poland and Hungary because the universities of these countries don’t offer students for intermediate level education. It only offers students for Bachelors and Masters Level.

But you can apply in Malta after completion of SLC or SEE if Ministry of Education donot object to provide NOC.

While applying you need following documents:

i. Completed secondary or Bachelor level education and have a school leaving certificate. (Some universities of Poland require attested set of educational certificate) (40% above in their recent academic also can apply)

ii. Valid passport

iii. Evidence of  the English language test such as IELTS, TOFEL, PTE etc.(if any)

iv. Medium of Instruction

IELTS is not compulsory in most of the universities of Poland and if you have any English language certificate it will be plus point while getting visa.

But in case if  you have done  IELTS,TOFEL or any kind of English language test  it’s a  plus point for you  because it shows that you are really hard working and  determined to study in foreign country.

If you want to proceed in these countries gap around 4-5 years is also acceptable. In this regard you need to prepare for your visa interview very hardly.

NOC is a letter issued by the Ministry of Education stating that there is no objection from the government side to let the applicant study in abroad. It only provides this letter after verifying the institution and student educational background. This document is required to send the tuition fee also. SO you must issue NOC.

Credit transfer is possible only after 1 year of your study in these countries and your academic credential of 1st year must be acceptable by the new applying university.

You can apply for Diploma, Bachelor and Masters level in the following courses in these countries:

  • Technology studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Humanities
  • Management studies
  • Social sciences
  • Design studies
  • Natural sciences
  • Hotel Management
  • Nursing and many more

For more details about the courses please visit the website.