Cyprus, officially called The Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean.  The third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, is located south of Turkey; west of Syria and Lebanon; north of Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian region of the Gaza strip; and southeast of Greece. The country is divided into two parts i.e.

  • Republic of Cyprus also called southern (Greek Cyprus) and
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus),

The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia; it is also divided by “the green line” called UN buffer zone. It is the only capital in the world that is divided between two nations’ i.e. Southern Greek side and Northern Turkish side.


Area: 602,005 sq. km

Climate: Temperate

Population: 1.17 million

Capital: Nicosia

Other big cities: Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca,

Official language: Greek/Turkish

GDP: $ 24.996 billion (114th)

Per capita income: $28,888

HDI: 0.869

Currency: Euro

Calling code: +357

Literacy rate: 99.1%



As Per The Wikipedia Altogether There Are Around 48 Educational Institutions In Cyprus. Out Of Them 18 Are Universities And 30 Are Private Colleges, Mainly Nepalese Students Go To Study In The Following Institutions In Cyprus





1.Member of European Union (EU) & Up Coming Schengen Country

Cyprus is an European country is also member of European Union since 1st May 2004 and also member of Commonwealth since 1961. Not only that it is in the list of upcoming Schengen country.

2. SLC/SEE Pass Students Also Can Apply For Higher Education

Cyprus is one of that country where only SLC pass student can apply. They will have two options to apply i.e. one in Upper Secondary Level and another in Diploma one.

3. High Visa Success Ratio

Cyprus is that European country where till now there is no visa rejection. All student will get the visa if they are able to get the admission.

4. Pay Tuition Fees Only After Visa Approval

when it comes in abroad study it is compulsory to send the tuition fee. And sometimes in case of visa refusal the institution will refund your fee after few months. But in case of Cyprus, you will send your tuition fee only after the confirmation of the visa. So there is no risk in sending tuition fee.

5. English Language Certificate is not Compulsory

The English language certificates like IELTS, TOEFL etc is not mandatory to apply in the university or colleges of Cyprus. If you have done, it is not necessary to have interview with immigration officer otherwise they will take intake with you.

6. Low Tuition Fees

In comparison to other European country, Cyprus is providing education to international students starting from 3900 Euro to 5000 Euro. Only few universities tuition fee comes in around 9000 Euro. Most of the colleges tuition fee is highly affordable by any family background students.

7. 50% Open Scholarship From Second Year To All The Students

To attract the international student, the college of Cyprus is offering 50% scholarship to the students from second year onward, no matter they are in Upper Secondary Level or Diploma Level or Bachelor or Masters.

7. Gap Acceptable

For most of the country education gap may decrease the visa possibility. But in case of Cyprus, Educational Gap is not the issue. You can apply and get the visa no matter how many years of gap do you have.

8. Credit Transfer Facility

Definitely another reason of choosing the Cyprus is you can transfer your credit to Australia, UK and Other European Countries. After successful completion of 1st year you can have the transfer of your credit to other countries.

9. Work Allowed To Do

As an international students you can work for the  20 hrs weekly during your study period and during your vacation you can do full time job. The earning of Cyprus is also good i.e around 5 Euro per hour. This means with this earning you can easily handle your living expenses and tuition fee for upcoming years. It is said that if you work a month you will be survived for minimum 3 to 4 months with that salary.

10. Visa Refused Applicants Also Can Apply

No matter you are fresh or you have already got refusal from any country, you can still apply with the same passport.

11. Safest Country

Cyprus is also counted as one of the safest country for international students or tourist. The crime rates are very low in the country.

12. Job and Opportunities

There are lots of opportunity for the students in regards to jobs and opportunities. If you are trained or experienced one you will not need to suffer a lot after getting pink slip and work permit. And also there are lots of internship provided  to students.


Cyprus is very affordable European country with stable economy. Living costs for international students comes between 200 – 350 EUR/month depending on place of location.

Accommodation:       80 to 120 euro per month

Food:                          100-150 euro per month


While applying for any country student should go through three aspects. If you meet those 3 aspects you can apply in that country and university.

1.Academic Requirement
– SLC/SEE pass students doesn’t matter how much they have scored in SLC/SEE but age should be 18 to 21 can apply for higher education (11 and 12 class) and any ages can apply for diploma courses in Cyprus (Sometimes MOE does not issue NOC, in that case you cannot proceed ahead)
– 12 pass students having more than 50% in aggregate can apply for any universities and colleges in Cyprus, and below 50% can apply for limited colleges in Cyprus
– Bachelors pass students having more than 40% in aggregate can apply for any universities and colleges in Cyprus, and below 40% can apply for limited colleges in Cyprus, also 3 yrs bachelors are accepted for all institutions in Cyprus

2. English Requirement:

An IELTS of minimum 5 bands or TOEFL minimum 500 point is necessary to apply in college or universities of Cyprus. But if you do not have any IELTS certificate then also you can apply but need to face INTERVIEW with immigration officer.

3. Financial requirement:

You need to arrange lots of things during your processing time for the visa like Application and tuition fee, accommodation charges in Poland. Documents for visa, Air ticket and so on. The over-all cost for applying in Cyprus Starts around 5 lakh depending on tuition fee.  So if you and your family can afford this you, you can make mind to apply in Poland.

If you fulfill these ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA, you can start your procedure choosing nearest intake.


As per the new rules of Immigration of Cyprus, there is only one intake i.e. Fall intake (October). The deadlines details for the intake (set for 2020) are

-July 10 is set as the last date for certification of documents at the Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus.
– July 31 is set as the last date for courier of attested documents.
– October 8 is set as the last date for foreign students to arrive in Cyprus.


1.Firstly applicant need to select the university and courses which matches their previous study background.

2.After the applicant make a decision, it’s time to get enroll in the university and issue the offer letter. For Offer letter you need to submit following documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Educational documents (SLC/+2/TU Transcript and Certificate)
  • Language Certificate if have (if you do not have any Language Certificate you need to appear in interview with immigration section in their given period of time)

3. Then the university will provide the offer letter and it’s time to make documents ready for the attestation for visa processing. An applicant needs to complete attestation till DEADLINE.

  • Educational Documents

(Attestation of Academic Certificates (2 set of clear photocopy)

SLC/+2: Attestation from National Examination Board, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur and Bachelor from related University Head. Or if done from any other country verifying in the related Embassy after taking equivalent Letter from related office and MOFA
After that all attested documents should be verified from Ministry of Education, Kesharmahal, Kathmandu.

  • Medical (should be done in Bir Hospital, Ratnapark, and need to verify by Teku Hospital, Teku, Kathmandu)
  • Police Report (In the website you can get from where the Police Report Can be made ).
  • Passport Color Photocopy
  • Bank Balance (Minimum 7000 Euro is needed and 1 day bank balance works in case of Cyprus.) (Verified by Nepal Rastra Bank, Baluwatar)

When all documents get ready and verified from the mentioned authorities, you need to visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification and then Cyprus Consulate, Jyoti Bhawan, Jamal, Kathmandu. Photocopy of attested bank balance should be notarized.)

4. After that all these documents along with 6 MRP size photos (35*45 White Background, Border-less) need to courier to the related university/college address within documents submission deadline if you have IELTS. If not Documents should be submitted in the interview time in Cyprus Consulate, Kathmandu.

5. Then after student should pay total tuition fee so that the Immigration can release the students visa to us as well as Cyprus Consulate. Initially minimum 3000 Euro out of full tuition fee can be paid. For this you need to make No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Ministry of Education.

6. Within 1 month the immigration will release the visa. And send us the e-visa. Student need to verify the visa in Cyprus Consulate. For visa verification student need to take following documents:

  • Passport
  • Academic Documents
  • Visa Copy
  • Fee Receipt
  • Swift
  • Travel Itinerary (Round one)
  • Offer Letter And Invoice

7. In the same time student need to transfer the remaining tuition fee to the college account as mentioned in invoice.

8. Now it’s time to arrange for the air ticket. It may cost around 500 Euro.
After the ticket confirmation, the details of the flight schedule should be sent to the university/college and the person over there so that they can arrange for your airport pickup and accommodation placement.

9. Now the student needs to exchange 2000 Euro (pocket money) from Nepal Rastra Bank, Baluwatar, Kathmandu as other commercial banks will only give you Euro equal to 1300$. You need to visit NR Bank with

  • Offer Letter, Invoice and Acceptance Letter
  • NOC Letter
  • Verified Visa
  • Confirmed Ticket.

There should be chopped of 2000 Euro in Passport(compulsory) and ticket too.
10. As everything is managed it’s time for final departure to the destination country. Applicant should be with documents as per the checklist mentioned below:

  • Original educational documents (for Bachelor students higher secondary certificate + mark sheet + apostles / Master students: bachelor`s degree + mark sheet +apostles and additionally higher secondary certificate with mark sheets but without apostles),
  • 6 identical photographs,
  • Offer letter, Invoice,
  • Fee receipt,
  • Passport with visa,
  • NOC Copy,
  • Flight Ticket with chop of 2000 euro
  • Swift Copy,
  • Fee transfer form,
  • 2000 Euro and need to chop in Air ticket and Passport
  • Warm Clothes
  • Pressure cooker
  • Basic medicine for headache, stomach ache, common cold, fever, etc


11. After reaching there you need to submit all the necessary documents to the college for the pink slip. And also you need to do medical and insurance but you get assistance of college to get your immigration card.


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Contact No: +977 1 4225490, 977 1 4226327

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