Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a country in Central and Western Europe. It has covered an area of 357,022 square kilometres and is between it lies between the Baltic and North Sea to the north, and the Alps to the south. It borders Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, and France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands to the west. Germany is a relatively nice place to study if you wish to study in Europe. It is second most popular destination for International students in Europe.



Country: Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany

Area: 357,022 km2

Population: 83,166,711 (2019)

Capital: Berlin

Six biggest cities: Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf

Official language: Garman

GDP: $3.863 trillion (2019) 4th

Per capita income: $46,653

HDI: 0.939 (4th)

Currency: Euro

Calling code: +49

Literacy rate: 99%


Talking about Education System in Germany, till the age of 5, children can pursue a elementary sector i.e. kindergarten level. After that for the next 4 year he must pursue primary school then after he will get the options of joining Secondary General School or Secondary School or Comprehensive School or Academic Secondary School. If he chooses Secondary General School then he must pursue tenth year of school and then can join Vocational and Technical College if you choose a Secondary School can directly join Vocational or Technical College. After that both of them can join University of Applied Science. And if he chooses either Comprehensive School or Academic Secondary School after completion of both levels he can directly join University Level. But no matter which sector he chooses in his secondary level they must complete 13 years of education and then only they can apply for University.

Taking about universities in Germany, there are about 70 universities in Germany and some seventeen German universities rank among top 250 universities in world. Besides that, there are around 350 private institutions offering good level of education in Germany.


Germany is the fourth most popular destination among international students in the world. More than thirteen percent of students at German universities in 2018 came from all over the world – just like you. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide. The several reasons of choosing Germany are listed below:

  1. Quality education

Germany is 2nd best study destination for international students in Europe. There are top listed universities in Germany that provides excellent and accredited degree to the students. So getting education from the Germany can be world renowned degree.

  1. Low or NO Tuition fee

The main benefit of studying in Germany is eligible students can get full scholarship to study here in country. Beside those full scholarship programs there are other universities also which can provide education in less tuition fee. If you can get  quality

  1. Safe Environment

For the further study or for visit purpose, German is considered as one of the safest country. The crime rate is extremely low so it is possible for the any international people to cope up in a safe environment.

  1. Language of instruction

Though the official language of Germany is German, another most used language in Germany is English. Also most of the universities in Germany offers education for the international students in English medium, so there won’t be any language barrier during study or work time. But it is always beneficial if you know their native language.

  1. Job opportunities

As a student you can work minimum 20 hrs per week during your study time and during vacation you can work 40 hrs per week. The minimum wage rate of the Germany is around 9.35 Euro from Jan 2020. This is enough money for the student to handle their living standard in Germany.

  1. PSW and PR

After completion of your studies you will get 18 months post study work which helps in gaining lots of experience. After that if you like you can either continue your study in related field or start working full time job.

  1. Exchange Culture, Language And Tradition

Germany is also the top study destination for the most of the international students. So it helps in exchange in culture and tradition among the international students. As you get chance to learn in the new country this definitely helps in the learning language of the state too. And basically the German language is spoken in most of the European continent. So it will be plus point if you study in German and learn its language.

  1. Suitable Climate

The climate of Germany is moderate with not so hot and not so cold temperature. Germany is a year-round destination with warm summers and relatively mild winters so the students can easily cope up with the environment of Germany.


Germany is very affordable European country with stable economy. Living costs for international students costs maximum around 800 EUR/month depending on place of location.

Accommodation:   Around 300-350 Euro per month

Food:                        Around 150-200 Euro per month

Internet:                  Around 30-50 Euro per month


While applying for any country student should go through three aspects. If you meet those 3 aspects you can apply in that country and university.

  1. Academic Requirement

The Academic eligibility criteria of Germany is little different than that of other countries.

For Bachelor: Student need to have 10+2+1 i.e. 12 certificate plus any one year Bachelor degree certificate with 50 percentage with gap of around 4-5 years is also acceptable

For Masters: Student need to have 4 years Bachelors or 3 years Bachelor plus Masters Degree Certificate with 70 % with gap of around 4-5 years is also acceptable

But SEE or SLC pass applicant cannot apply for the further study in Germany.

  1. English Requirement:

English requirement is very compulsory to apply in Germany. Talking about IELTS for Bachelor Degree you need to have 6 overall and each band IELTS score and for Masters Degree you need to have 6.5 overall and each band IELTS score.

  1. Financial requirement:

As the tuition fee is Free of Cost or Low, you need not have to worry in the expenses. You need to arrange lots of things during your processing time for the visa like Application Fee, Tuition Fee (if any), Preparation of Documents for visa, Visa charge, Air ticket and so on. The over-all cost for these comes around 1.5 or 2 lakhs (differ in case of paid tuition fee).  But beside that you need to have Euro 10236 Euro to open the blocked account in Germany as a visa process.

If you fulfill these eligibility criteria, you can start your procedure choosing nearest intake.


  1. Winter Semester: Application opens on March till July 15th & class Started from October
  2. Summer Semester : Application open on October till January 15th & class Started from March


1.If applicant is eligible to apply in Germany first you need to bring following documents for the assessment to the university.

  • All Academic Document 10+2+1 Year Bachelor Degree Pass Certificate for Bachelor or 4 years Bachelor Degree with 70 Percentage for Master
  • Passport Copy
  • English Language Certificate
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • Updated CV

2. The next process is to courier all these documents to the university. Along with this applicant need to pay application fee that comes around 75 Euro. But if you like to apply in more than one university extra 30 Euro should be added to the file.

3. After 4 to 5 weeks university will send the response to about your acceptance of rejection of admission.

4. When you are accepted now it’s time to make all the necessary documents for the visa lodgment.

  • Valid Passport or Travel Document (with a validity of at least 12 months)
  • 3 Recent Bio metrical Passport Photographs  (not older than six months)
  • Signed Declaration on True and Complete Information
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Self-written Letter of Motivation Letter
  • Proof of Admission to the Relevant University or Institution ( scholarship certificate if applicable)
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Education Board Certificate and mark-sheets
  • Proof of previous studies in the relevant area (e.g. Bachelor Degree, transcripts) if applicable
  • Proof of knowledge of the German language (The level depends on the requirement given by the respective university) or English language (TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies by one of the following documents:
    – Confirmation of scholarship / stipend
    – Formal sponsorship letter from a sponsor living in Germany
    – Proof of financial status: e.g. letter from employer (providing information regarding annual/monthly income and duration of employment with the company), company registration, land ownership certificate, evidence of tax payment, personal bank statements, etc.
    – A Blocked account (is not mandatory at the time of the application but can be requested during the visa process.)
  • Flight Reservation (to be provided after approval of visa)
  • Health Insurance (to be provided after approval of visa)
  • Visa Fee equivalent to  Euro 75 in NPR

5. In the same time you need to book the accommodation also by yourself.

6. In the mean time your acceptance letter will get issued and the next step is to Book the appointment at German Embassy for visa from the website and follow the instruction.

7. After the date booking, for the mentioned period you need to be in the Embassy with all those documents.

8. After submission of documents, if visa officer tell you to open blocked account, you need to do so and follow following procedure for the transfer of money from Nepal to Germany..

  • For this first you need make NOC from Ministry of Education.
  • You need to visit German Embassy on Tuesday to ask a letter for the purpose of Euro 10,236 transfer in Germany. You need to submit Passport, Admissions Letter and Document of Blocked Account.
  • Now the next step is to deposit the required amount in your own account of any commercial bank of Nepal and visit the Bank with Block account letter, passport, No Objection Letter, admissions letter and the letter issued by the German Embassy and transfer the fund exactly 10236 Euro to your own account in German Bank. After few days the bank will send the confirmation of deposit.

9. After that you need to visit embassy again with all the documents. And then after few days even may be a month you will get info about the visa accept or denial. Within 4 to 5 days you need to visit embassy to collect your stamp passport.

10. After getting a visa now it’s time to arrange for the air ticket. It may cost around 500-600 Euro.

11. After the ticket confirmation, you need to inform the authority to arrange for the airport pickup and accommodation placement which were booked previously.

12. Now the student needs to exchange around 1000 Euro for the pocket money from any commercial bank.

13. As everything is managed it’s time for final departure orientation. Also you should travel to Germany during the flight as per the checklist mentioned below:

  • Original educational documents (for Bachelor students higher secondary certificate + mark sheet + apostles / Master students: bachelor`s degree + mark sheet + apostles and additionally higher secondary certificate with mark sheets but without apostles),
  • Identical Photographs,
  • Offer letter, Invoice, Invitation Letter
  • Passport with visa,
  • NOC Copy,
  • Flight Ticket
  • Swift Copy, (if any)
  • Fee transfer form (if any)
  • 1000 Euro (Exchanged earlier for Pocket Money) and need to chop in Air ticket and Passport
  • Warm Clothes
  • Pressure cooker
  • Basic medicine for headache, stomach ache, common cold, fever, etc


14. After reaching to the university always remember to provide original documents and photographs to the college for the further processing.


  1. Semester fee (200-350 Euros) per semester should be paid after visa
  2. For some universities you have to pay semester fee which is 1700 Euro before visa as per deadline written in offer letter.


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